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Candles are ancient & sacred tools, originally used as a source of light & heat for our distant ancestors, and as a feature of worship. The first candles were made of small bowls of animal fat with juniper twig wicks. The Ancient Egyptians used Beeswax to make candles as early as 3000BCE, where bees were seen as the messengers to the Gods. Even today Beeswax candles are said to link mortals to the divine.


Silver Foxglove

Founder & Co-Creator

Hello, I'm Silver! I started this website because I wanted to help beginner witches find their path & to create a resource that might help dispel some of the perceived negativity that surrounds the term witchcraft.

Unlike electricity which tricks our mind by making night as bright as day, candles have the power to slow your consciousness and body, helping you keep balance in your daily cycle. Candles can be used in a variety of ways, in fact Muggles use candles in sacred & even non-religious rituals (birthday candles, candlelight vigils, etc.). Here are just a few ways candles are used in witchcraft
- They can represent Deities, spirits or the elements;
- They can be used in colour psychology to represent a purposeful intention;
- They can be used to hold power and focus during Spells & Rituals, or in divination;
- They can act as portals, to see through to someone elses candle flame;
- They can invoke the power of the sun

Please use caution when using candles, as an unattended open flame can be dangerous. If you plan to leave your candle while it burns, here are some safe options: a lantern, a glass enclosed candle or a candle floating in a bowl of water.

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