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Steele Redmoon Wolfe

Solitary Eclectic Witch

Steele, born to the name Xander, is an Indigenous Two-Spirited teacher of the occult; a spiritual activist, scholar, and path finder. Steele resides in the historic capital city of Ottawa, ON, CANADA. They have studied a wide variety of magickal systems throughout their life from a young age.

They hail from a generational line of Witches, spanning six generations on both sides. Steele's aim is to banish the illusion of modern day witchcraft, educate and offer, from a wide knowledge base, information and advice in the practice of the mystic arts. They are an adept Augur, Empath and Astrologist. They study the Tarot and are well versed in Norse Runework. They are a 11th cycle Witch in their Sage/Crone stage of spiritual being. As such, you will expect a very direct manner of communication.

As the embodiment of Justice and Swords, they are very blunt by nature, direct and consistent. Steele is to date a Solitary Eclectic Practitioner, follows no religious faith. As it is. So it will be.

When seeking aide from Steele, it is good to maintain this Mantra: "If you have to ask. You will never know, But if you know, you need only ask"--Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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