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Silver Foxglove

Forest Witch

Silver Foxglove discovered witchcraft in her teens, while searching for a nature based religion. She describes herself as a Forest Witch, and has a strong connection with plants & animals. She enjoys cooking, painting & other forms of creativity. Some of her favorite activities are hiking with her dogs, foraging & camping with friends in the Canadian wilderness.

Over the years she has studied & practiced many forms of witchcraft, such as kitchen witchcraft, water & earth magic, lunar & cosmic witchcraft & many forms of divination (tarot, astrology, dowsing & tasseomancy are some of her favorites). She has also studied Healing & Nutrition, Herbology, Occult History & Ancient Civilizations, Theology, Symbology & Cryptozoology.

Though she was raised as a Catholic, her present understanding of religion is very inclusive & she believes all religions are stories & riddles stemming from the same universal truths & creation event. She worships a few different deities, including Ganesha, Hindu God of Wisdom, & Bastet, Ancient Egyptian Goddess of home, cat & femininity.

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