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Druid / Polytheistic Pagan

Selkie has been on their path for over 15 years, and for much of that time they were something of a 'spiritual vagabond.' Eager to learn everything they could about the many beliefs and practices under the umbrellas of paganism and witchcraft, they flitted about and was highly eclectic for some time. Eventually they found Druidry, as well as comfort in the surviving worship of Irish/Gaulish deities. Selkie has studied under The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for some time, and also attended community rituals through ADF, though they continue to remain solitary in their practice. Their spouse's heathen path and their own have blended within the household, where they venerate the Gods, Spirits and Ancestors.

As a hearth, kitchen and green witch, Selkie has a very practical approach to magic. They also work with plant and animal allies as well as spirits of the land. They believe in building one's skills through a blend of intuition, knowledge and practical experience.

In their teachings and sharing of ideas with others, they have a strong emphasis on responsible spiritual practice. This means looking at one's ideas critically, using discernment, and assessing how one's actions impact the world around them.

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