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DIY Protective Door Hanging

Your home is your castle, so why allow negativity and evil entities to get in? I'm back with another protection option- this time for your home! This door hanging is a great home protection option- especially for lazy witches like myself. It’s a short, one time project that requires little to no maintenance. On top of that, the project itself is highly customizable, in terms of materials, intention, and final appearance. I’m actually pretty new to this project, as I just made my first one within the last month, but I’m happy with the results so I figured I’d share!

Some notes about this project:

As mentioned, this project is very flexible and can result in any number of final appearances. I’m not particularly artistic, so mine is very simple, but feel free to share your own in the comments. I love to see people modify and perfect my projects!

I made a protection-focused door hanging, but you could easily change the materials and spell used to change its focus. (Think abundance, luck, happiness, and more.)

Mine used a wolf-head instead of a “large crystal” because it was a gift for a friend who associates closely with wolves. You can get creative with this. I do recommend using a crystal or other “intentioned” material for the main piece. Dried flowers or herb bundles come to mind, a besom, an upside down horseshoe, or maybe a witches bottle. Just keep in mind that whatever you put on will need to sufficiently absorb or prevent negativity and bad intentions in order to be effective.


Stick or dowel rod (Remember to only choose a stick that has fallen or died naturally. Do NOT hurt a tree to make this!)

Crystal beads (I used black onyx and smoky quartz for protection, but match these beads to your own intention.)

String or twine (and scissors to cut them)

Large Crystal (Again, match this to your intention, and see my note above!)

*For the spell, you will also need a white candle, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil. Sage or lavender oil are acceptable alternatives.*


  1. Start by collecting your ingredients and brainstorming how you want your project to look. Don’t worry- mine came out nothing like I intended, but it works and doesn't look too terrible.

  2. Start by tying on a length of string to hang the stick by. Make sure that the string you use is sturdy enough to support your entire project’s weight.

  3. Now the creative part- start crafting. If you are super creative and good at visualizing, go crazy. If you’re like me, try simple braids with a few beads mixed in. A nice-looking, but simple, design is 7 braids, with the center the longest and getting shorter on either side. In this case, you could tie the large crystal at the end of the long braid. If you have two large crystals, you could do a similar style with 3 braids, tying the crystals between the braids. Ultimately, there’s a lot of creative license here, so don't hesitate to simplify things or do what feels right for you.

  4. Cleanse the door hanging in the smoke from incense or burning herbs. I use sage and white tea leaves or buds. You can add in something for your intention here, such as chamomile for happiness or rose petals for love, but make sure to use a cleansing herb like sage or lavender.

  5. Bless the door hanging as you see fit or using the spell below. I wrap both hands around the large crystal and gather energy between my hands. A wand may be useful for directing energy throughout the hanging. Perhaps tracing the outline of the hanging with the wand would be appropriate.

  6. Throughout the life of the door hanging, cleanse it under the full moon (or in smoke from incense or burning herbs) whenever possible. Here’s the cool part, if you hang it on a door that leads outside, this will happen automatically, with no effort from you.



Mix rosemary and eucalyptus oil in a 2:1 ratio. Add an unscented carrier oil to bring the mixture up to 5ml total. (The extra of this mixture can be used for any candle protection spell, or simply to set the mood for a protection spell or house cleanse.)

Add 4 drops of the oil mixture to a white candle (a tee light works). Alternatively add 1 undiluted drop of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, or sage oil to the candle.

Light the candle, and repeat the incantation with intention. Allow the candle to burn out naturally, or put it out by pouring moon water over it.


This door is a sturdy threshold.

Bad intentions are not welcome.

Block all evil that would enter here.

And make bad intentions disappear.

Protect this home from all that is dark.

Protect all those who dwell here too.

Protect this place where we reside.

Protect all those who step inside.

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