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DIY Protection Amulets

Updated: May 7, 2021

We all have someone we’d like to protect (even if it's just ourselves). I’ve always enjoyed working with protection magic, and the serenity it brings to my life, knowing that myself and the people I care about are safe. There are tons of options for a witch to defend themselves and others- spells, sachets, dollies, crystals- but today I’m going to talk about homemade amulets. You can easily buy a necklace and add protection magic to it, but I like to take it one step further and make my own. This particular amulet has gotten rave reviews from the people I’ve gifted it to. Just recently, a woman told me that she could feel the energy and serenity as soon as she put it on. Hearing that was such an exciting feeling as a witch! I’ve spent years perfecting this amulet, so now it’s ready to be shared with the world.

But first, some notes about this project:

As a witch, I am out of the broom closet, and most of my work reflects this, i.e. it looks like witchcraft and isn’t subtly hidden. If you are in the broom closet, but want to protect others, this might not be the project for you. I’d suggest buying a subtle necklace (maybe with a protection crystal in or on it), and blessing it with a protection spell instead. The spell I’ve included here will work fine for this purpose too!

This “recipe” uses the ingredients I’ve found to be the most effective, but feel free to modify it based on what you have available. My only advice here is to always use dried herbs and ingredients. Otherwise, the closed bottle may grow mold. The most important thing here is intention, not the ingredients. In addition, the bottles I use are extremely small so you may wish to add more of each ingredient to fill the bottle.

The spell provided uses a full moon as a power source for charging, but there are other options, such as using the four (or five, in the Wiccan tradition) elements. I work primarily with the full moon, but may be able to provide spells with alternate power sources if needed. (Just ask me; I promise I’m friendly!)


  • String, ribbon, chain, or the like

  • Small bottle w/ top (This can be a fun shape and/or color, if desired. I use teardrop-shaped.)

  • 2 pinches black witches salt

  • 1 pinch dried rosemary

  • 1 pinch dried basil

  • 1 small white goose feather (You can cut up a larger feather if needed.)

  • 1-3 smoky quartz crystal chips (Alternatives include black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, and clear quartz)


  1. Add all ingredients to the small bottle in a sacred space. I use my altar, but if you don’t have one, perhaps a nearby forest or garden. Kitchen witches may find the kitchen more suitable, urban witches may find the city sidewalk the best place. It’s all based on where you feel most comfortable and close to magical energy.

  2. Cleanse the bottle in the smoke from incense or burning herbs. I use sage and white tea leaves or buds.

  3. Bless the bottle as you see fit or using the spell below during a full moon. Be sure to direct your protective energy directly into and around the bottle. I wrap both hands around the open bottle and gather energy between my hands. A wand may be useful for directing energy into the bottle if you struggle with energy manipulation. Close the bottle with its top when finished.

  4. Allow the amulet to charge under the full moon if you used the spell below. You may add the string to the bottle before or after this step.

  5. Throughout the life of the amulet, cleanse it under the full moon whenever possible.


I call upon the power of the full moon’s light.

Heed my call.

Charge this amulet with your power so that it may protect the wearer,

From harm, negativity, and dark entities.

May the power of the full moon forever charge this amulet.*

Thank you, oh moon. I am grateful for your powerful and protective energy.

*The use of “forever” here refers to permanently charging the amulet with magical protection energy. The crystals in the amulet will still need to be cleansed under a full moon periodically to remove the negative energies they have acquired.

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