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Magickal Tools


Before we discuss the use of tools, I must impress the importance of your own energy & intention. So many new witches get lost in the excitement of purchasing new tools & ingredients, and before they know it they have spent a fortune on herbs, crystals, & tools, and no idea how to use them. If you are new to the craft, my advice to you is go slow. Many common ingredients can be found in your backyard or local dollar store.

Many witches choose to use tools to help them direct, amplify, cut or generally manipulate energies during Spells & Rituals. There are a variety of tools available each with their own purpose, properties & symbolism.

Nevertheless, the only & most important tool you truly need to be a witch is your intention. All these listed tools will help to allow you to manifest your intension but are 100% optional. Just as a painter is defined by his art & not his paintbrushes; a witch is defined by her/his magick, not her/his tools.

Silver Foxglove

Silver Foxglove

Founder & Co-Creator

Hello, I'm Silver! I started this website because I wanted to help beginner witches find their path & to create a resource that might help dispel some of the perceived negativity that surrounds the term witchcraft.

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