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Common Thyme or Garden Thyme is identifiable by its tiny narrow, spear shaped, grey-green leaves that grow in pairs opposite to one another; its velvet white twigs & its spicy  aroma. Like lavender, sage & rosemary, thyme is part of the mint family.

In the Middle Ages, thyme was a symbol of courage, woven into scarves & gifted to Crusaders. A tea of steeped thyme leaves was used to see nymphs & fairies and to prevent nightmares. Herbalist of this time prescribed it as a stimulant and antispasmoic & its aroma was used to treat melancholy and epilepsy.

in 1725, it was discovered that Thymol (component of thyme essential oil) was a powerful disinfectant against fungi & bacteria, as well as an expectorant (loosening phlegm in the respiratory tract).

Today, thyme is used to quell numerous complaints internally & externally, from athletes' foot to diarrhea. but its most popular us is as a culinary herb, used to season & garnish dishes.


Healing properties:

  • Antioxidant & anti-fungal

  • Relieves cough & loosens mucus so it can be coughed up

  • Helps improve circulation

  • Boosts immune system

  • Can relive stress

Parts used: leaves & flowers

Collection: leaves are best harvested in summer before bloom


Thyme aromatherapy relieves congestion in the lungs & aids with asthma, broccitis & sinus issues. It can be beneficial for imporving memeor & concentration. Thyme oil has a abundance of wonderful properties including: antifungal, amtimicrobial, antiviral antiseptic & immunostimulant propertie. 
Topically thyme essential oil clears acne, oily skin, eczema, dermatitis & sooths insect bites & cuts. When mixed into a massage oil, thyme essential oil helps with soe muscles & joints, stimulares circualtion, and helps reduce water retention.

Magickal Properties


Element: Water
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus

Magical Uses

Thyme can attract good health, by burning the herb, wearing it or drinking it in a herbal tea. when placed beneath your pillow, it encourages a restful seep & protects from nightmares.
When worn, Thyme encourages psychic development & is sad to allow the wearer see fairies.
The Ancient Greeks burned thyme in Temples prior to rituals to purify the space.
The smell of thyme is said to inspire courage & energy

  • Luck

  • Energy

  • Digestion


  • Cleansing

  • Protection

  • Addiction


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