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Also known as Old Man, this piney, aromatic shrub, with narrow dark green leathery leaves is native to the Mediterranean. Like lavender, sage & thyme, rosemary is part of the mint family.

This herb has been used as far back as Ancient Greece. In those times, rosemary was a symbol of remembrance. Students wore sprigs in their hair while they studied, & the dead were buried with it as a promise that they would not be forgotten. This herb was associated with Minerva, the Greek goddess of knowledge.

Over time, rosemary has been used for a variety of purposes. During the plague rosemary branches were burned to protect from disease & as a disinfectant. In Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat headaches.

Today, rosemary essence is used to scent toiletries. Rosemary is also a popular cooking herb, used to flavor meat dishes, soups & stews. In the medical field it is most commonly used to relieve intestinal gas.


Healing properties:

  • Stimulates cerebral circulation to help with concentration & memory,

  • Eases migraine pain,

  • Treats digestive problems, relieving gas

  • Aids rheumatism, aching muscles & spasms

  • Alleviates depression & fatigue

  • Topically for rheumatism, muscle problems &  increase circulation

Parts used: leaves & twigs

Collection: harvested in summer during blooming, no more than 20% of plant at a time.


Rosemary aromatherapy helps relieve cold & flu symptoms, asthma & can ease stress related conditions, mental exhaustion & tension headaches.

Topically rosemary essential oil treats acne, eczema & skin irritations. As it is mildly stimulating, it can benefit muscular aches & pains, as well as improve circulation.

Undiluted oil should NEVER be ingested.

Magickal Properties


Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Deities: Minerva

Magical Uses

Rosemary is commonly know in the witch community to be a substitute for any missing herb, especially frankincense. Along with sage & lavender, Rosemary is in the top 3 herbs for beginner witches due to its versatility & availability.
Rosemary is one of the oldest forms of incense. Burning a combination of rosemary & juniper in sickrooms was common in ancient times to heal the ailing. When burned, Rosemary has powerful purifying & cleansing vibrations that can help rid a space of negative energy, especially good before a preforming magick. the scent of its smoke is also said to bring knowledge when inhaled.
Rosemary is closely associated with wisdom & memory. Chaplets if rosemary are often worn to improve memory & is also used to alleviate depression, by wrapping the right arm in linen cloth and rosemary leaves.
Rosemary is often used in Love & Lust incense, healing mixtures & poppets. When used in bath magick, it purifies while its scent encourages youthfulness.
If placed under a pillow, it promotes good sleep & discourages nightmares. When placed under the bed, it protects the sleeper from harm.
Rosemary is said to keep thieves at bay whey hung on a porch or door post. Growing Rosemary is also said to attract elves.

  • Luck

  • Energy

  • Digestion


  • Cleansing

  • Protection

  • Addiction


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Silver Foxglove

Founder & Co-Creator

Hello, I'm Silver! I started this website because I wanted to help beginner witches find their path & to create a resource that might help dispel some of the perceived negativity that surrounds the term witchcraft.

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