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Herbology is the study of plants & the practice of using herbs for their magickal & healing properties. Plants are indispensable to our lives. From the air we breath to the food we eat, our very existence depends on them.


Only a few generations ago, our ancestors were farmers, growing almost everything they consumed. They were connected to their environment and shared a symbiotic relationship with the plants & animals. Today, most people live far from their food's original location and eat a number of unnatural substances. It's no wonder chronic disease due to inflammation, allergies, & mental illness are all on the rise.


Plants are man's original medicine, before drugs & pharmaceuticals, people used herbs to treat ailments & disease. Each plant possesses its own unique properties for healing, and can be used & prepared in a variety of ways, depending on the requirement.

Plants also have a long history in magick. They find their way into all myths and legends in one form or another and many plants, trees & fungi are associated with deities & magickal properties


Silver Foxglove

Founder & Co-Creator

Hello, I'm Silver! I started this website because I wanted to help beginner witches find their path & to create a resource that might help dispel some of the perceived negativity that surrounds the term witchcraft.

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Common Kitchen Herbs & Spices

Common Herbs & Spices
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