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There are two different plants that go by the name chamomile: German chamomile (matricaria recutita) & Roman chamomile (chamaemelum nobile).  Both chamomiles have daisy-like flowers that smell of apples & thread-like leaves. They also share similar properties, as they are relatives, both belonging to the Composite family. True Chamomile refers to Roman Chamomile, also known as English Chamomile or Common Chamomile, and is often used in herbal and cosmetic preparations. German Chamomile contains a higher level of essential oil and is more popular in the aromatherapy field.


Roman chamomile is hardier & more suitable to colder climates, it is a low growing perennial and has a more bitter flavour. German chamomile is a taller annual and it often produces more flowers.

Chamomile has been used as far back as Ancient Egypt, as a treatment for fever. The Ancient Romans used it to treat venomous snake bites. The term Chamomile is derived from the Greek word "khamaimelon" loosely meaning: ground apple, as it crawls along the ground & its flowers have an apple aroma.

Today, Chamomile is popular as an herbal tea. It is praised for it's calming effects. It is also used in soaps& lotions due to is skin soothing benefits.


Healing properties:

  • Treats many digestive issues including: indigestion, nausea & vomiting, occasional loss of appetite,

  • Sedative for sleeplessness & restlessness,

  • Eases tense muscles & menstrual cramps,

  • Can ease allergic symptoms of hay fever & asthma,

  • Heals irritation of the mouth & gums,

  • Can be used topically for skin inflammation like rashes & bug bites.

Roman chamomile (chamaemelum nobile)

chammomile german.jpg

German chamomile (matricaria recutita)

Parts used: flowers


Collection: side shoots harvested mid to late summer when petals have begun to open.


Chamomile aromatherapy has deep calming effects, mentally & emotionally. This oil is gentle & can be used for children & babies.

Topically chamomile essential oil soothes cuts, rashes, insect bites, eczema & acne. It can also dull aching muscular & joint pain.

When ingested this essential oil calms upset, nervous stomachs, aids digestion & is a remedy for insomnia.

Magickal Properties


Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Magical Uses

Chamomile​ is commonly used in calming & sleep incense and brews.

its is popular in money spells. an infusion of chamomile used wash hands can be used to ensure winning while gambling.

Used in bath magick it attracts love. this herb is also purifying & protective. when sprinkled around a space it removes curses & spells cast against you.


  • Money 

  • Sleep

  • Love

  • Purification

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