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Book Of Shadows


A Book of Shadows is a personal journal or diary used by witches to record spells & their results, as well as jotting down notes & ideas. You can use any notebook you like or even the computer (just remember to back it up so you don't lose it!!) A typical Book of Shadows entry would include: the date, time & phase of the moon, the spell or ritual & its details, along with the ingredients used & a space to fill in the results of your spell later.


Silver Foxglove

Founder & Co-Creator

Hello, I'm Silver! I started this website because I wanted to help beginner witches find their path & to create a resource that might help dispel some of the perceived negativity that surrounds the term witchcraft.

Book Of Shadows

Here are some ideas of what to include in you Book Of Shadows:

  • Spell Journaling

  • Daily Divination Results 

  • Recording Sigil Creation & Results

  • Wiccapedia, A Modern-Day White Witch's Guide, by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway, Published by Sterling Publishing



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